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Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Guide
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Тема: Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Guide
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With powerful nature magic and mighty shapeshifting forms, Druids use a ton of choices for skills and gear in d4 items. The choices you are making mostly rely on what kind of roles you wish to fill and activities you need to experience. Leveling increase Druid is really a unique challenge, one that can be produced much easier together with the right list of skills and equipment.

Werewolf builds are perfect for single targets, but in the beginning, they're as soft as casters. Werebears allow for some of the top tanks amongst players and can do tremendous AOE damage. However, their single-target DPS is terrible, to begin with. The best build for leveling the Druid is to unite Storm and Earth magic coming from a distance.

Best Skills For Leveling

The Storm and Earth build are certainly the best for Druids trying to exert crowd control, and in addition, it deals wicked ranged DPS. Wind Shear does decent damage, however, it is main use is stacking up Spirit gain. Landslide is the bread-and-butter move, effective at insane DPS when you upgrade it to Primal Landslide. Cyclone Armor adds some much-needed protection and also a bonus knockback move.

You'll really need to get the Wolves Companion Skill, since (while they do less damage versus the Ravens) these are extremely ideal for crowd control. Boulder is the very best Wrath Skill just for this build, especially as soon as you practice lining up enemies and bowling the offending articles d4 items. Finally, Cataclysm will turn the tides into bigger fights when Bosses or Elites summon vast armies or use their stronger moves. There are several Spirit Boons that might be perfect due to this build.

You don't should worry about gear right once you start playing. However, it becomes a major factor in no time. Once you stop leveling up rapidly and initiate the actual grind, you should look more carefully at equipment stats and features. Some gear will give bonus ranks to skills that you often use, which might be usually superior to other stats.

Since this can be a caster Druid build, your attacks benefit more from using a naturally slower weapon. Staves and two-handed weapons are sometimes better than one-handed weapons combined with Tomes. Unless of course, you see some Legendary or Rare pieces with outstanding stats. Here are the fundamental stats because of this build, from most to least important.
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