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human hair wigs
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What is a Lace Part Wig? The lace part wig is a kind of natural hair created by ombre u part wig sewing part of the lace and the wig cap together, and then sewing 100% virgin human hair on the wig cap with artificial craftsmanship. Of course, you can also call it a T wig. The hairline machine of this wig is almost invisible, and the scalp is also visible through the mesh of the transparent lace, so it provides a very realistic look.

Lace part wigs come in a variety of shapes and textures like curly, straight, body wave lace part wigs and options for other types of wigs. u part wig straight According to the different sewing methods, you can also choose the middle part or side part.Usually natural color hair wigs are the choice for most people because you can never go wrong. We provide a variety of different shapes to choose from: straight, body, curly, wavy. Reasonably priced and high quality, if you don't know what to choose then don't hesitate to take it away.

Lace Part Bob Wig.In order to let more people choose their favorite wigs, bob wigs also have T-part lace. This T-part lace bob wig is much cheaper human hair wigs than other types of lace wigs, and the installation is very simple. If you are new for this, You can choose bob lace part wig as your first wig.

Colored T-part Wigs.Now more and more people like to wear colored wigs to brighten wavy short bob wig themselves, we all know that the price of colored hair is higher than that of natural color, so we also produced colored T-part wigs for buyers to choose, colored T-part wig price is close to the natural color wig, so you can choose the most favorite wig in your limited budget.
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