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Frontal Wig
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Laws to force black women to cover their hair during the 18th century.Closure Wig During the 18th century, black women wearing their natural hair started to be seen as an offensive threat to the status quo. Fast forward to 1786, the governor of Louisiana imposed the Tignon Law which forced black women to wear a tignon (a scarf or wrap) over their hair. This was a demeaning law to signify that they were slaves. Even with tignons, black women looked beautiful as they started to wear colorful fabrics adorned with jewels to express their rebellious attitude while still following the laws.

Hairstyle as a symbol of self-empowerment.Things didn’t change much for black women even during the turbulent era following the Civil War. Frontal Wig The Black Power movement of the 1960s and 1970s was all about changing the Black community’s self-realization and influence on society. That’s when it became popular to use their natural Afro as a statement of power, pride, and resistance. The goal was simple — no more hair straightening as it reflected a history of forced assimilation. Some of the most iconic black activists like Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, and Nina Simone rebelliously rocked their natural hair.

Standing against racism.613 Wig The History of Black Women’s Hair has always revolved around their pride, culture, and identity. The discrimination that black women with natural hair have endured throughout history has been diabolical. Even today, there’s still a struggle to be accepted, especially in professional and academic environments, where natural hair has been looked down upon. However, times are changing and a global conversation is being had about acceptance and equality.
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