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The Elder Scrolls Online: Ultimate: Storm Atronac
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Тема: The Elder Scrolls Online: Ultimate: Storm Atronac
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Ultimate: Storm Atronac 7 Месеци, 4 Седмици Карма: 0
The Endless Archive for The Elder Scrolls Online is now officially live for PC, Xbox, and Elder Scrolls Online Gold PlayStation. This new solo and duo content for ESO introduces an exciting and challenging endless dungeon for players to conquer, and the best part is that it's completely free for everyone to access—no DLC required. In this article, I'll be sharing my insights on the top solo builds for tackling the Endless Archive, focusing on both power and survivability.

Solo Build #5: Magicka Nightblade - Blood Mage Build

The Magicka Nightblade Blood Mage build is all about survival and self-healing. Nightblades naturally excel in these areas, and with the chosen sets, survival and healing become even more potent. The focus is on heavy armor, proving that a tanky build can still perform exceptionally well in the Endless Archive.


Bahraha's Curse (body) - Provides healing for each enemy standing in its rune.
Briarheart (front or back bar) - Adds extra damage and minor healing on Critical Hits.
Earthgore (monster set) - Provides an on-demand burst heal when health drops below 50%.
Skills (Front Bar):

Inner Light
Sap Essence
Concealed Weapon
Merciless Resolve
Ultimate: Soul Harvest
Skills (Back Bar):

Elemental Blockade
Twisting Path
Swallow Soul
Structured Entropy
Siphoning Attacks
Ultimate: Soul Tether
Solo Build #4: Stamina Sorcerer - Perfect Storm Build

The Stamina Sorcerer Perfect Storm build focuses on simplicity and efficiency, utilizing crafted sets to enhance damage and sustain. The build is designed for ease of play, making it an excellent choice for solo content like the Endless Archive.


Hunding's Rage (body) - A crafted set that boosts weapon damage.
Wretched Vitality (body) - Provides significant stamina and magicka recovery.
Stormfist (monster set) - Adds damage and bonus stamina recovery.
Ring of the Pale Order (Mythic) - Enhances self-sustain during combat.
Skills (Front Bar):

Crystal Fragments
Hardened Ward
Camouflaged Hunter
Silver Shards
Barb Trap
Ultimate: Temporal Guard
Skills (Back Bar):

Razor Caltrops
Critical Surge
Ultimate: Greater Storm Atronach
Solo Build #3: Stamina Dragonknight - Crux Cannon Build

The Stamina Dragonknight Crux Cannon build is all about stacking up Crux quickly and unleashing empowered Prismatic Flicker beams. This build is considered a glass cannon, dealing immense damage but requiring careful attention to survive.


Oak's Soul Ring (Mythic) - Provides essential buffs, including major resolve and major brutality.
Deadly Strike (crafted) - Enhances damage and provides minor healing on Critical Hits.
Slimcraw (monster set) - Adds damage and bonus critical chance.

Sealo Flail
Pragmatic Flicker
Evolving Rune
Recuperative Treaties
Impervious Rune Ward
Ultimate: Languid Eye
Solo Build #2: Magicka Templar - Nova Shield Build

The Magicka Templar Nova Shield build is a versatile and powerful choice for soloing the Endless Archive. Templars excel in passive healing and AoE damage, making them well-suited for the challenging content.


Hexos Ward (crafted) - Offers a powerful shield that increases with champion points.
Prayer Shaw (crafted) - Provides a fast-cooldown shield triggered by overhealing.
Iceheart (monster set) - Adds another free shield, bonus critical chance, and AoE damage.
Skills (Front Bar):

Toppling Charge
Radiant Ward
Elemental Drain
Puncturing Sweep
Inner Light
Ultimate: Shooting Star
Skills (Back Bar):

Elemental Blockade
Ritual of Retribution
Solar Barrage
Channeled Focus
Channeled Acceleration
Ultimate: Solar Disturbance
Solo Build #1: Magicka Sorcerer - Oaken Sor Heavy Attack Build (Infinity Build)

The Magicka Sorcerer Oaken Sor Heavy Attack build is crowned as the top solo build for the Endless Archive. It combines lightning staff heavy attacks with damage shields and boasts incredible survivability with over 8,000 Health recovery, allowing players to solo content without casting a single heal.


Sergeant's Mail (crafted) - Focuses on heavy attack damage.
Alessian Order (body) - Enhances health recovery based on total resistance.
Iceheart (monster set) - Adds another free shield, bonus critical chance, and AoE damage.
Oak's Soul Ring (Mythic) - Provides essential buffs.

Summon Volatile Familiar
Mystic Orb
Harden Ward
Unstable Wall of Elements
Bound Aegis
Ultimate: Storm Atronach

The Endless Archive in The Elder Scrolls Online provides a challenging solo and duo experience, and mastering it requires the cheap TESO Gold right build. Whether you prefer the survivability of a Magicka Nightblade, the simplicity of a Stamina Sorcerer, the explosive power of a Stamina Dragonknight, the versatility of a Magicka Templar, or the unmatched ease and power of a Magicka Sorcerer, these builds cover a range of playstyles for conquering the Endless Archive. Experiment with these builds, find the one that suits your preferences, and embark on an exciting journey through the challenging content of ESO. Good luck, adventurer!
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