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Seismic Analysis of Structures 07/02/2013 Тегления: 285
While numerous books have been written on earthquakes, earthquake resistance design, and seismic analysis and design of structures, none have been tailored for advanced students and practitioners, and those who would like to have most of the important aspects of seismic analysis in one place. With this book, readers will gain proficiencies in the following: fundamentals of seismology that all structural engineers must know; various forms of seismic inputs; different types of seismic analysis like, time and frequency domain analyses, spectral analysis of structures for random ground motion, response spectrum method of analysis; equivalent lateral load analysis as given in earthquake codes; inelastic response analysis and the concept of ductility; ground response analysis and seismic soil structure interaction; seismic reliability analysis of structures; and control of seismic response of structures. Provides comprehensive coverage, from seismology to seismic control Contains useful empirical equations often required in the seismic analysis of structures Outlines explicit steps for seismic analysis of MDOF systems with multi support excitations Works through solved problems to illustrate different concepts Makes use of MATLAB, SAP2000 and ABAQUAS in solving example problems of the book Provides numerous exercise problems to aid understanding of the subject As one of the first books to present such a comprehensive treatment of the topic, Seismic Analysis of Structures is ideal for postgraduates and researchers in Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. Developed for classroom use, the book can also be used for advanced undergraduate students planning for a career or further study in the subject area. The book will also better equip structural engineering consultants and practicing engineers in the use of standard software for seismic analysis of buildings, bridges, dams, and towers.
landscape-architecture 03/06/2009 Тегления: 631
International plumbing codes 27/11/2009 Тегления: 329
За студентите и инженерите по специалност ВиК
International Building Code 04/11/2009 Тегления: 676
Илюстрирано издание на International Building Code
instr_verpl 13/05/2016 Тегления: 158
Basic_structures_for_engineers_and_architectsтоп! 15/11/2009 Тегления: 1323
Строителна механика за инженери и архитекти. Учебникът е написан на много достъпен език.
Aquatic Chemistry част 4 01/02/2010 Тегления: 89
Stumm-Morgan-third edition 1996
Aquatic Chemistry част 3 01/02/2010 Тегления: 74
Stumm-Morgan-third edition 1996
Aquatic Chemistry част 2 01/02/2010 Тегления: 83
Stumm-Morgan-third edition 1996
Aquatic Chemistry част 1 01/02/2010 Тегления: 90
Stumm-Morgan-third edition 1996
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