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Технология монтаж Peri MULTIFLEX
Фундиране 04/11/2009 Тегления: 983
Коментар към Еврокод 2 01/11/2009 Тегления: 906
Коментар към Еврокод 2
Каталог Peri MULTIFLEX 02/03/2011 Тегления: 887
Каталог Peri MULTIFLEX/Пери Мултифлекс/ Технология
Seismic Engineering 23/02/2013 Тегления: 867
This title offers a comprehensive coverage of the many facets of seismic engineering. The first half of the book is devoted to seismic phenomena and hazards, detailing the causes of earthquakes, the parameters used to characterize earthquakes, strong ground motions, seismic hazards and their evaluation, and seismic action. The second half discusses the effects of earthquakes and tools used to assess and reduce risk, including the effects of vibratory motions and induced phenomena, seismic calculations and technical aspects of prevention. The importance of keeping orders of magnitude in mind (i.e. through reasoning or very simple equations) when discussing seismic phenomena and their effects is emphasized, a task which most people overlook because of their rarity and the brevity of their manifestations.
design of masonry and timber structures
Каталог на Peri TRO 02/03/2011 Тегления: 757
Каталог на Peri TRO /Пери Трио/ Технология
Вятър по Еврокод 1 12/03/2011 Тегления: 738
За хората от 1 поток , 4 курс, да си погледнат формулата за qp на 22 стр, в сниманите от асистента материали е сбъркана !
the design of pre-stressed concrete bridges
International Building Code 04/11/2009 Тегления: 662
Илюстрирано издание на International Building Code
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