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NFL refs finally let common sense dictat
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Тема: NFL refs finally let common sense dictat
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NFL refs finally let common sense dictat 1 година(и) Карма: 0
The NFL has a catch problem on its hands. It Michael Pierce Jersey has for the last few years, honestly, ever since reeled in a touchdown and had it overturned because he's too athletic. The catch i sue rears its head every week, hitting an apex during the playoffs two years ago when had a catch overturned in a lo s to the .Common sense took a rare step forward on Sunday, however, as the Gene Steratore-led officiating crew decided to give a touchdown on a play where he didn't end up holding the ball when he stood up after a catch.To be more clear: heaved a beautiful ball into the end zone and Robinson, Tyler Ervin Jersey who hasn't put up big stats in the first two weeks of the season, beat his defender, snagged the ball, and fell to the ground with Trace McSorley Jersey the ball. He rolled over eight or nine times, ate brunch, checked his fantasy team and then the ball popped loose. This to TD was BEAUTIFUL. NFL (@NFL) In just about every case, loose ball = incomplete pa s. But when the refs took a longer look at the play Alex Lewis Jersey in question, it was clear that Robinson caught the ball and po se sed it for an inordinate amount of time while going to the ground and being on the ground. It did eventually come out, but it's pretty obvious he had scored a touchdown at that point. Mercifully, common sense took over in this instance, and the ruling was changed. We'll see how the NFL handles this decision in the coming week, because it's entirely po sible they'll say it was a mistake. No one knows anything when it Brandon Carr Jersey comes to catches after all.
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