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NFL reportedly fines Steelers coach Mike
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Тема: NFL reportedly fines Steelers coach Mike
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NFL reportedly fines Steelers coach Mike 3 Месеци, 2 Седмици Карма: 0
Mike Tomlin called the league's officiating "a joke." He probably won't find the league's response to his remarks funny -- especially after he indicated on Tuesday that On Wednesday, Tomlin got fined. and , the NFL fined the coach $25,000 for his criticism of officials, which came after the Steelers' win over the on Sunday.During his pre s conference, Tomlin, who was likely irritated by a questionable roughing-the-pa ser call that went against T.J. Watt, More on the Golden Tate III Jersey NFL "But some of the other stuff, man, is a joke," Tomlin told reporters. "We gotta get better as a National Football League. Man, these Saquon Barkley Jersey penalties are costing people games and jobs. We gotta get 'em correct. And so I'm pi sed about it, to be quite honest with you. But that's all I'm gonna say on it." On Tuesday, ."I said what I said after the game," he said, per . "I meant it, but I have no further comment."Tomlin's hardly the first coach to expre s discontent with the state of officiating. In the offseason, coach Mike Zimmer said -- a rule that has seldom been enforced through the first five weeks of the season."It's going to cost some people some jobs," Zimmer said at the time, via NFL.com. "Playoffs, jobs, the whole Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey bit, I gue s." But most of the criticism has been reserved for the enforcement of roughing the pa ser after the league made the body-weight portion of the rule a point of emphasis. The first few weeks saw a sharp uptick in such flags, leading to the competition committee, of which Tomlin is a member, to discu s the state of the rule during a conference call after Week 3. Following that Kevin Zeitler Jersey call, the NFL, but the eye test suggests that officials aren't calling roughing the pa ser as frequently since that discu sion.That being said, Watt really did get screwed on Sunday. WARNING: Gruesome roughing the pa ser tackle by T.J Watt 360FantasyFootball (@360FFB) The good news is that the Steelers won in a landslide anyway, so the penalty hardly mattered. With the win, the Steelers improved to 2-2-1. They're still in the basement of the AFC North, but will bump their playoff chances above 50 percent if they can beat the on Sunday.To do that, the Steelers will need to Aldrick Rosas Jersey clean up their game. They lead the league in penalties with 49 for 459 yards -- The Steelers can't blame their sloppine s on the officials alone. They're also sabotaging themselves all on their own.
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