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Heres why Eagles Doug Pederson wont cons
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Тема: Heres why Eagles Doug Pederson wont cons
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The sit at 3-6-1 -- on top of the lowly NFC East -- while their Los Angeles Clippers Jersey quarterback continues to demonstrate why he is one of the worst in the NFL this season. had another poor performance in Sunday's lo s to the , finishing 21 of 35 for 235 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions for a 75.3 pa ser rating, although six of those completions and his second touchdown pa s were when the game was out of hand in a 22-17 defeat (the Eagles were trailing 22-10 with 1:39 left).Wentz has struggled throughout the season, demonstrating no signs of getting better. Out of 33 qualified quarterbacks, Wentz ranks 32nd in completion percentage, 31st in yards per attempt, and 31st in quarterback rating. He also leads the league with 14 interceptions and 18 giveaways.The Eagles have no intention on benching Wentz for , who they drafted in the second round this year. Head coach Doug Pederson's reasoning for not even considering Hurts explains the reality the Eagles don't want to admit in Paul George Jersey 2020."I think you are sending the wrong me sage to your football team that the season is over. That is a bad me sage," Pederson said after Sunday's lo s. "We have to work through this. When times get tough, sometimes that might be the easy thing to do. This busine s is about work. This busine s is about detail and having ownership things I talk about with the team. "That is what we have got to do. That is coaches and players. That is not one guy. It is bigger. This sport is bigger than one guy. We all have a hand in it and we all have to fix it."The Eagles are the division leaders heading into Week 12, but they will likely surrender first place in the division once the conclusion of the Washington Football Team' Tobias Harris Jersey s showdown with the on Thanksgiving occurs. A suming that game doesn't end in a tie, the winner of that game will be 4-7 and lead the NFC East. The Eagles would have to beat the in Week 12 to regain first place.Wentz has not been playing well and is losing confidence every week behind an offensive line that had nine different starting lineups in 10 games and allowed him to be sacked 40 times this season -- the most in the NFL. Wentz has been sacked 9.6% of the time while attempting to pa s, also the highest percentage in the league. Perhaps putting in Hurts will spark the Eagles offense. Maybe the offense will actually be worse with their rookie Blake Griffin Jersey quarterback. The Eagles' next three games are against the Seahawks (7-3), (7-3), and (8-2) -- all division leaders in the NFC. The NFC East is so poor the Eagles will likely still be in the division race if they lose all three games.So the season won't be over, and the Eagles will still play Wentz. Benching him means giving up, a far cry from the days Andy Reid benched Donovan McNabb for to send a me sage to his franchise quarterback -- during a playoff race. That turned out well for Reid and McNabb, as the Eagles reached the NFC Championship Game two months later."We are where we are because of the mistakes that we have been making coaches and players, that is everybody included," Pederson said. "But this will be a great test for our football team. This will be a great sign to see, really, who is in and who is out. That was the me sage. That is the challenge to everybody and that is just where we are. "It is a matter of now really challenging the leadership of the football team, challenging the coaches, challenging the guys Rodney McGruder Jersey to keep this thing together. There are six football games left. We still an opportunity, obviously, in our division, but it is just really going to challenge all of us moving forward."
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