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They can be quite a blast to play with during FIFA
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Тема: They can be quite a blast to play with during FIFA
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They can be quite a blast to play with during FIFA 1 година(и), 2 Месеци Карма: 0
The best part is that Nations to Watch players don't even need to be chosen for the national team to receive the upgrade FUT 23 Coins, so when Gabriel Jesus somehow doesn't make it into Brazil's squad and his countrymen win victory in Qatar then the Arsenal hitman still will receive the +1.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning this: Ones to Watch players do not get upgraded on the basis of other promo cards. In other words, if Tyler Adams gets some sort of wild 90+ card in April as part of some new promo, like Factsmashers or something else the case may be, his OTW will not be upgraded as a result. (Sorry Tyler. If this makes you feel better, you are in virtually everyone's preorder OTW bundle.)

The year's peculiar transfer market behaviour meant that it was not always practical or cost-effective to include good promotional players to your team, even within a couple of days after they came out. This could turn out to be true in FIFA 23 however currently, the best Ones to Watch players are going cost you an enormous price. In the event that they've not received any upgrades so it's difficult to suggest spending coins on them.

On the low end of the scale, Nico Schlotterbeck from Borussia Dortmund is currently averaging 14k coins and is just 4k more than his value for disposal. He's a decent starter centre-back, however he does not have the coveted 'Lengthy' running type, and despite Dortmund's inconsistent form, it's not hard to imagine him securing the Wins to Watch upgrade in the coming weeks.

Despite their recent misfortunes on the field, Juventus still have a very good team. They can be quite a blast to play with during FIFA 23.

After the dominance of the past decade, Juventus fans find themselves in a confusion, the club being unable to compete during recent years. This isn't to say they're not still full of talent, however, with players like Chiesa, Pogba, and Vlahovi cheap FIFA 23 Coins? all of which provide plenty of motivation for players to pick Juventus in FIFA 23.
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