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Ship of Fools is well worth picking up
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Тема: Ship of Fools is well worth picking up
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Ship of Fools is well worth picking up 10 Месеци, 4 Седмици Карма: 0
While some co-op video games test the boundaries of friendship, playing on the couch with a buddy or significant other is one of my favorite types of video game playing. Ship of Fools is a rare game that’s all about two player cooperation, but also mixes in some rogue-ish elements in to create a game where communication is vital, but chaos reigns.

Ship of Fools fits my personal definition of two thumbs up. It is a very entertaining gameplay loop with engaging ship combat. With quirky weapons and challenges which had me keen to jump back into another run even after yet another failure. There are niggles to mention. I found the controls a bit clumsy when the action really heated up and the game does suffer from some pretty nasty difficulty spikes at times.

When the game starts, you get to select if you will be playing with one or two players. Having two players isn't mandatory, but the game will be pretty difficult if you try to face the sea monsters on your own. The characters awaken on a tiny island called the Great Lighthouse, where you will begin when you start a run. Crabs and seagulls are all over the beach, and you can pick them up if you want; it doesn't really affect anything, but it is fun! You will head up to the island where you learn that the Great Lighthouse that once protected the Archipelago is broken. It's up to you — the fools who would willingly get on a ship and sail into the waters full of sea monsters — to protect your home from the incoming Aquapocalypse.

Progression takes the form of a hexagonal map that changes from run to run. You choose which tile you want to go to next, with handy markings on each one giving you an indication as to what you’ll find on each stop as you plot your way across the seas. This is where the game turns quite tactical, as you’ll need to choose locations that will reward you with items you are running low on. You may need boards to fix your ship or want to take a chance on earning a big reward. There is always a risk and reward factor at play though, with the enemies in each area posing a significant challenge.

It’s the typical rogue-lite formula, where you gradually improve after a lot of repetition and spending time upgrading back at base. A formula that no doubt is starting to tire. But when I sat back to reflect more, Ship of Fools was just a fantastic co-op game to play with a friend or loved one.

Ship of Fools is a short game, as many players online could beat it in four hours or less. But I am playing with a nine-year-old who is more focused on hitting me with his paddle or trying to save the random seagulls that happened to land on the ship. They make great ammo, so he wasn't too impressed when I shot them at enemies. Ship of Fools is a great co-op title; I hope they add more missions to increase the challenge and replayability of the game! 

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